This Blog is dedicated to resolving the world’s worsening water crisis, by serving as a catalyst for “thinking-up” new strategies and technologies that are “green, sustainable and resilient” to increase supply of fresh safe drinking water everywhere on Earth. Ideas and solutions catalysed by this Blog will, by design, be implantable everywhere and anywhere in the world, will make the human footprint on the planet greener and will increase sustainability and resilience of Nature’s ecosystems

This Blog has been started by me, Ajay Bhatla. My joy is in creating, not in maintaining. I am in my element dealing with novel and conventional situations that require me to come up with original practical solutions. Fun, for me, is a challenge that requires critical thinking and innovation rather than the rote completion of known tasks. Hence, the focus of this Blog is on creating new ways to increase the supply of water rather than developing new ways to improve on historical methods to increase supply and conserve demand.